3 Ways Solatube Skylights Impress in Winter | Hometech
13 July 2018

Winter is coming – it’s getting a few degrees colder and the sun is setting a lot earlier than any of us sun-chasers would like. But winter doesn’t have to be as...

How to Improve Ventilation in Your Home | Hometech
6 July 2018

Proper ventilation is one of the home’s basic necessities for becoming a comfortable living space. Ventilation maintains air quality in the home while removing excess moisture to ensure the air inside isn’t stale,...

Attic Ventilation Basics And How It Protects Your Home | Hometech
29 June 2018

Just like your living space below, a proper ventilation system[residential/ventilation/] in the roof and attic space is essential to creating a healthier home. The attic actually plays a much bigger role in the...

Solatube Skylights: Promoting Sustainable Energy In NZ & Worldwide | Hometech
1 June 2018

Sustainability is now a priority for every modern designer and engineer, as we move towards preserving Earth’s non-renewable resources and its natural environment. To solve some of the toughest sustainable design challenges, buildings and...

5 Reasons Why Infrared Heating Is The Best For Bathrooms | Hometech
3 May 2018

The colder months are coming, and we can all agree that nothing is worse than stepping out of a hot shower into a freezing bathroom, ready to take the warmth out of...

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