Solatube Skylights: Promoting Sustainable Energy in New Zealand and Worldwide

1 June 2018

Sustainability is now a priority for every modern designer and engineer, as we move towards preserving Earth’s non-renewable resources and its natural environment. To solve some of the toughest sustainable design challenges, buildings and spaces around the world are integrating Solatube skylights and the various Solatube daylighting systems to harness natural daylight more efficiently within various applications.

Listed below are commercial spaces that adapt sustainable design with Solatube, both here in New Zealand and around the world.

Camp Glenorchy, New Zealand

Camp Glenorchy is dubbed New Zealand’s most sustainable tourist accommodation. Located in Central Otago just 40 picturesque minutes north of Queenstown, Camp Glenorchy is the country’s first Net Zero energy range of visitor accommodation – which means that the energy used by Camp Glenorchy is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created on site. It is constructed from recycled materials and built using sustainable innovative products. The Camp itself aims to educate visitors about energy use and resource conservation.

Hometech was asked to supply and install over 80 Solatube Daylighting Systems at Camp Glenorchy, allowing the cabins and facilities to be lit using natural light. Check out their sustainability commitment!

Beijing University of Chemical Technology Gym, China

The Beijing University of Chemical Technology Gym is a massive sports complex that can hold 3,000 people – with 24 meters between the top of the roof and the floor. The building is equipped with 116 Solatube 330DS systems, a decision well made after the engineers were inspired from witnessing Solatube firsthand during the 2008 Beijing Olympics – the ‘World’s First Green Olympics.’


The length of the Solatube systems from the ceiling to the lens is about 5 metres, and from the diffuser to the floor is 19 metres, resulting in a brightly and naturally lit space. This building uses more than a hundred of these commercial skylights by Solatube to save on expensive artificial lighting and maximise energy efficiency.

South Whittier Library, USA

The South Whittier Library located in California, USA, is awarded a platinum LEED certification, the highest award from the U.S. Green Building Council, for being a sustainable and resource-efficient building. Daylighting and natural light harvesting was a major part of the building’s design strategy, and that’s where Solatube’s tubular daylighting systems came in. 

The South Whittier Library welcomes an extensive amount of natural light with Solatube tubular skylights mounted in the walls and in the ceilings, helping reduce the building's interior electrical lighting consumption by approximately 38%.

Solatube Daylighting Systems for Sustainable Commercial Spaces

Solatube has been leading the way in providing sustainable commercial daylighting solutions for all industries. From providing a consistent amount of natural daylight throughout the day and the year, to delivering light anywhere and however you need it – whether that’s underground lighting, or decorative and design-focused lighting – Solatube is the best commercial daylighting solution in the market.


Here at Hometech, we provide a comprehensive range of Solatube technologies to help you create a sustainable and eco-friendly commercial space. Simply freephone us at 0800 466 383 and we can discuss the best product options for your project!

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