Top 5 Reasons Why Infrared Heating is the Best Bathroom Heating Solution

3 May 2018

The colder months are coming, and we can all agree that nothing is worse than stepping out of a hot shower into a freezing bathroom, ready to take the warmth out of our bodies in mere seconds. As we try to pinch pennies and tighten pockets, some of us would rather grit our teeth and put up with the cold, but for most of us, it’s too easy to give in to temptation. Heating up our bathrooms shouldn’t feel like a luxury. Keeping our body temperatures regulated is a basic principle of staying healthy in the winter.


Here at Hometech, we’re passionate about providing the best heating solutions for every Kiwi family to enjoy, minus the stress of having to pay costly power bills. This can be achieved through our unique infrared heating solutions. Infrared heaters are taking the world by storm, and now we’re bringing this innovative technology to a bathroom near you.


If you don’t know much about it, here are the top 5 reasons why infrared heating is the best heating solution for bathrooms everywhere.

1. Infrared heating has advantages over conventional heating.

Infrared heaters emit radiant heat that heat walls, ceilings, floors and even furniture. Rooms are heated by the energy stored and then emitted by these objects, resulting in a much more evenly heated space that warms up at a faster rate relative to other forms of heating.


More conventional heating systems heat up the air, causing air circulation that varies the temperature by as much as 5°C as the warmer air rises as a characteristic. Convection heaters need to work harder to heat up the air molecules (otherwise known as convection heating), causing people to “turn up the heat” or leave heaters turned on for longer periods of time.

2. There’s a wide variety of infrared heaters to choose from.

Infrared heaters for bathrooms include aluminium or glass panels, mirrors and towel rails. Stylish infrared mirrors ensure no steam collects on the surface, while heating the room at the same time, with various sizes available. Infrared towel rails are elegantly and practically designed, drying your towels and heating the bathroom at the same time. They are controlled by a thermostat or a simple on/off switch.


Hometech bathroom infrared heaters are excellently manufactured, having lengthy service lives and 10-year warranty periods, giving Kiwis great value for money.

3. Infrared heating drastically reduces condensation.

Moist, humid air can cause condensation build-up in your bathroom. High humidity creates the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew, which is terrible for your home’s structural integrity. Infrared heaters heat up the elements within a room instead of the air, helping create a drier and healthier bathroom even after you enjoy a nice, hot shower.

4. Infrared heating has proven health benefits.

In recent years, many renowned studies have identified the effects of infrared on several medical conditions. To begin with, a less humid home helps those who suffer from asthma. Infrared heating also assists blood circulation, helping relieve various symptoms such as pain and skin conditions.

5. It’s more cost-effective.

When it comes down to it, getting good value for money equals a great investment. Infrared heaters have low capital costs, as well as lower running costs and zero maintenance costs throughout the year. Staying warm in your own bathroom shouldn’t be a luxury, and Hometech is passionate about making it an accessible standard for every Kiwi home.


The experts here at Hometech can help you get healthier, more cost-efficient heating with our infrared heating solutions! Contact us here at Hometech today for a free in-home assessment!*


*Currently, our accredited infrared heating installers are only available in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson Marlborough, Hawkes Bay, Waikato and Christchurch. If you live outside of these areas we can retain your details and get in touch once we have an accredited installer in your area.

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