Become a Hometech Licensee


Become a Hometech Licensee

"I love the products, it's a good product" – Kerry Clark


Are you driven to create your own lucrative business?

When each of our licensee partners decided to join Hometech, they each made a choice.

It wasn't necessarily an easy choice.

Some of them chose to leave jobs, some of them chose to change from the businesses they already owned. Each of them have found the support they need to create the lucrative business that they desire.

However, ask these same licensee partners why they decided to make that hard choice and they'll usually tell you two things: they love the products, and most importantly they love the look on customers faces when they see our range of Home Ventilation Systems and Skylights installed.

The lucrative business is just a bonus.

There are 21 licensees in New Zealand who man the frontlines and install Hometech products in Kiwi homes across the country – from Kaitaia to Bluff.

For the last 25 years these licensees have used their collective scale to market Hometech products and build a national profile.

These licensees are supported by Hometech's General Manager and Support Office to build their businesses and acquire customers.

A nationwide network to support you.