Join the Hometech Team


Join the Hometech Team


Are you interested in helping Kiwis be happier and healthier within their homes?

For the last 25 years the team at Hometech has focused on a singular mission, to help Kiwis be happier and healthier within their homes.

It's ambitious. And it's a lot of work. We won't lie.

But, every time we see a customer's Solatube revealed for the first time, we don't even look at the room as the natural light floods in. Instead, we look at the customer's face – and we know it's worth it.

We want more people who can believe in this mission.

We were founded by a husband and wife team who grew Hometech from the germ of an idea, to a New Zealand wide network of 100 team members working together – and counting.

While we're not a small business anymore, the culture feels that way. We look after and look out for one another. We ask each other how our weekends were – and then we really listen. And we treat our customers with the same respect and genuine care.

Some would say it's business done the old fashioned way. We call it business done the right way; with a combination of great people, installing good products that genuinely satisfy a need for customers. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is what's kept us going for the last quarter century.

Big business ambitions with a family focused mindset

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New Zealand Wide

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