Meet Kerry Clark - Certified Installation Consultants


Meet Kerry Clark.


All our Hometech certified installation consultants have been specifically trained to assess your home and recommend how to make your home happier and healthier.


A bit about Kerry

Kerry services in:

Auckland Central, South Auckland, East Auckland and the Franklin district
You can contact Kerry on:
0800 466 383

Kerry Clark is proud to be a Healthy Home Consultant and Licensee owner for Solatube in Auckland Central, South / East Auckland and Franklin District, and part of the Hometech Nationwide Licensed Network. He has been a Hometech licensee for the past 10 years and has been installing Solatube Daylighting Systems, Attic Stairs and Ventilation in Auckland homes for Hometech since the mid 1990’s.

Also, part of the team is Caleb Noonan and Christian Mahara who are skilled installers, working with, and independently from, Kerry.

In the office doing administration is Kerry's wife Trina, an integral part of the working team. Hometech Head Office ongoing support makes the team complete. Kerry and his team’s focus has consistently remained on excellent and efficient service, delivering a quality product that brightens and satisfies many thousands of Aucklander’s lives.

Kerry can help you solve:

Unhealthy and damp air icon

Unhealthy and damp air

Stale, damp air is the enemy of a healthy home. Damp air takes longer to heat because the air need to be dried before it can be heated. Moist air can also cause respiratory problems, especially for asthma and allergy sufferers

By installing:

Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans extract the damp, stale air and replace it with fresh clean air from outside. These fans are supremely quiet and are specifically designed to be left on all the time. Because they are energy efficient, you won't notice them either by sound or on your electricity bill.

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Dark rooms icon

Dark rooms

Not every room in our house has access to enough natural light, whether because they are internal rooms, or because they were designed for modesty and therefore have small windows (like bathrooms). This means these rooms can't be used without artificial light which doesn't feel natural during the day

By installing:

Solatube Skylights

Solatube is the most advanced daylighting system in the world. They have been meticulously designed to capture light from your roof and deliver it into rooms you haven't had natural light in before.

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Cluttered Space icon

Cluttered Space

If you're like most Kiwis, your hallway cupboards and garage will be full of stuff – most of which you don't use. Things like Christmas decorations, luggage and mementos that you keep but never look at. This clutters up our homes and takes up space which we are never able to get tidy

By installing:

Attic Stairs

Attic stairs are an elegant way to hide away important items that you want to keep but rarely use. They give you access to unused storage space which is sitting right above your head, right now. In your roof.

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We stand behind all of our products, and we also stand behind the people who we trust to install them too.

That's why we guarantee the performance of all of our products with a warranty and we also stand behind Kerry and his team's workmanship.

Have a project that you'd like to talk with Kerry about?

Kerry and his team are more than happy to give you advice about any products you'd like to install within your home, including helping you choose the product that will best suit you.

That's why we offer a free in-home consultation for anyone interested in finding out how their home can benefit from the technology we've specifically selected for Kiwi homes. Use the contact form to the right to start a conversation with Kerry.

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