The Hometech Guarantee


The Hometech Guarantee.

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We stand behind our products and the great tradesmen who install them. Rest assured, if something doesn't go right, we'll be sure to put it right. Guaranteed.

Because this simplicity is so important, we've laid out our guarantee in plain english. There's nothing to hide.

And like all good Kiwi companies we stand behind our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

What's included in the guarantee?

For all products that you buy from us or we deliver to you, Hometech will guarantee they are free from defects of workmanship and/or material for the times outlined below. The date starts from the date of purchase.

How long does the guarantee last?

Solatube Daylighting System
Domes, roof flashing bases, diffusers, diffuser ceiling mountings, reflective tubing, plastic, rubber or metal seals and gaskets, tapes & fasteners: 10 Years
Light Add On Kit, Ventilation Add On Kit, Daylight Dimmer, Solar Night Light: 5 Years
Installation of Solatube Daylighting System: 10 Years

FAKRO Attic Stairs
Wooden, Metal Attic Stairs: 3 Years

Hometech Energy Recovery System (ERS)
Heat Exchanger Unit: Lifetime
All other parts: 5 Years

VS 3004 motor: 2 Years
VS 3003 motor: 1 Year
All others and installation: 10 Years

RWC, RWE: 2 Years

Solar Star Roof Fan
Panel, Motor, Thermal Switch: 5 Years
All other parts and installation: 10 Years

What will you do if there is a problem?

If you discover a problem and we can verify that the product or installation was defective, we will either repair or replace the product and return it as quickly as we can in working condition.

One thing to know is that if we replace the product, the warranty on the replacement will last for the remainder of the original guarantee, rather than starting again.

Are there any limitations on the guarantee?

There are some reasonable limitations that we want you to be aware of:

  • We realistically can't be liable for the loss of profits, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or other similar damages even if the product was faulty.
  • If Hometech didn't install the product(s), then we can't be held liable if the defect was due to improper installation. Please note that all Solatube products need to be installed by a Solatube Certified Installation Consultant.

The liability that we have will be limited to the smallest of:

  1. the cost of replacing the products;
  2. the cost of obtaining equivalent products; or
  3. the cost of having products repaired.

What is not covered by this guarantee?

We don't think that we can be held responsible for:

  • Damage that occurs to our products due to: improper handling or cleaning, accidents, natural disasters, intentional acts, misuse or abuse, or any other circumstances outside of our control.
  • Condensation and any water damage resulting from condensation.
  • Products subjected to undue stress resulting from (i) localized application of heat, (ii) movement of building and /or building components or (iii) expansion or contraction of framing members.
  • Any accessories, flashings or other material installed by people who aren't certified Hometech installer (please note that all Solatube products and accessories need to be installed by a Solatube Certified Installation Consultants).

If I've got a problem, what should I do?

Within 30 days of discovering the defect, please contact (i) the Hometech licensee who installed the product or (ii) the Hometech support office at 0800 HOMETECH (466 383).

Is there anything you are excluding?

Anything that hasn't been included in this guarantee is excluded from the guarantee. In that case, the products are provided “as is”, without warranty (express or implied). We want to let you know this so you can have confidence in knowing what is and isn't included in this guarantee.