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The Sun and LED unite

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When it comes to lighting, it’s hard to beat the sun for endlessly bright, consistent lighting. The only downside is that it goes down each night, forcing occupants to turn on electric lights to see after dark. The Solatube Smart LED System solves this problem using SunSense Technology, which blends sunlight with LED lighting to seamlessly illuminate rooms day and night.

The Solatube Smart LED
system creates light
in a smarter way.

  • Running on autopilot, the Solatube Smart LED System will turn on and off automatically in changing light levels so you never have to worry about switching the light switch.
  • Minimising electricity use and the need for replacement bulbs, it’s made to save you money.
  • Using unlimited ‘free’ sunlight and energy efficient LEDs that last up to 20 years the Solatube Smart LED gives you lighting that lasts

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How it works

When the sun is up, the Solatube Smart LED System uses daylight as the primary source of light. After sunset, the integrated LEDs take over. At dawn and dusk, when the sun’s rays aren’t as strong, the system triggers the LED lights to supplement the daylight; to maintain consistent delivery of light throughout the day – smart huh?

Patented, High Performance Amplifier

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24 Hour Lighting Solution

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Occupancy Sensor

Smarter still, the optional Occupancy Sensor is activated by room occupancy, ensuring the LED lighting is never on in an empty room. Minimising the energy use thoughout day and night and maximising the energy efficiency of the Smart LED System. You will never have to worry about leaving the lights on.

Smarter Technology Brightening the Way

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