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Breathe easy knowing the air is fresh and healthy

Get clean, fresh and natural air so your can breathe a sigh of relief

If you've ever walked into your home and found mould growing in your bedrooms, kitchen or bathrooms, you'll know how distressing it can be. You may be thinking – what is this doing to me and my family? Often, mould and condensation are caused by unhealthy, stale air that is trapped within your home. Replace this unhealthy air with clean, fresh, and natural air so that your family can breathe easy, and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Make it quicker to get warm

When you come home on a cold winter evening you want to get warm fast. But, it can often feel like it takes forever to warm up the room. There's a reason for that.

Before your room can start to warm, your heater first needs to dry the air before it can heat the air. If the air in your rooms is moist then it is going to take longer and more electricity to warm your house.

But, in the winter we can't open our windows to let this air out because it's too cold outside. That's why you'll want to ventilate your rooms - especially in winter, so that you can warm up faster.

Lounge ventilation

You might be warm, but may not be healthy

If you've ever woken up with condensation on your windows, you may think "what did I breathe in all night?" Condensation happens when the warm, moist air within your bedroom comes into contact with a cold surface like your windows.

The solution is to extract the moisture out of the air to help minimise condensation. Now, you could use a noisy dehumidifier, but quiet ventilation may be a better solution - especially for light sleepers and children.

Ventilation Solutions for Moisture
Bedroom ventilation

Keep strong aromas in your food and out of the kitchen

If you're like most families, creating three meals a day, you could be releasing up to 4 litres of water into the air. Over a year this equates to over 18 bathtubs full of water being released into your kitchen's air. You want to extract this air immediately as it carries moisture and smells

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Kitchen ventilation

Clean clothes with clean air

As your damp clothes tumble around your dryer the warm moisture is released into the air. If not ducted properly, the moisutre from you clothes gets pumped straight back into the laundry. If not ventilated properly, you and your family are likely to breathe in this moist damp air, potentially causing respiratory and other health problems. You need to take this moist air out of your laundry and replace it with clean fresh air from outside.

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Laundry ventilation

Take moisture out of your shower

Every shower you take can release up to half a litre of water into your air. With a standard family of four this could be as much as 2 litres every day. For modesty reasons, the small windows in most bathrooms can make it hard to get this moisture out of the air.

This warm, moist air creates condensation on your mirrors and glass, making it hard to see yourself. Extracting this air to the outside and replacing the moist air with dry air will keep your mirrors clean and the rest of your house dry.

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Bathroom ventilation

There's a reason most people don't want to go into their attic

Most Kiwis will agree that a good warm house needs good insulation. But the effectiveness of your insulation is going to depend on how dry the insulation is.

If your attic is too warm, or has moisture in the air, it makes your insulation less effective, increasing your heating bills and making your family more susceptible to colds in the winter.

You want to continually ventilate your attic - especially because it is the one room in your house where you can't open a window.

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Attic ventilation