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17 May 2024

Is bach ventilation on your to-do-list?

Does your bach or holiday house greet you with a waft of stale air and mouldy smells when you open the door? Weeks, sometimes months, of no fresh air makes any holiday home a bit whiffy. Rushing about flinging open every window and door begins to clear the air, but it can take a few days for that distinctive ‘closed-up house’ smell to go away.

Empty houses smell stale because there’s little or no air circulation. The longer the house remains closed up, the more noticeable and permanent the smell will become. And the situation is made worse by old carpets, curtains and furniture. Things get even smellier if you left in a bit of a hurry last time you stayed at your bach and didn’t have time for a really thorough clean.

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Bach ventilation made easy

For weathertightness and security reasons, you can’t leave windows open at your bach, even slightly. So what can you do to ensure your bolthole at the beach, mountain or lake smells sweet when you arrive?

The answer is a ventilation system such as our Continuous Extraction Ventilation System which offers up to 4 rooms being covered. The system extracts stale and humid air from the habitable and wet areas of the house which in turn is pushed out either through roof or soffit grille exit points. The fresh air comes through the gaps in the buildings, joinery gaps or through a wall trickle vent. So the air in your holiday home is continually being changed. After you’ve battled your way through traffic jams and busy highways, your holiday home will greet you with open arms and fresh breath. Nice!

Similarly if you are renting your holiday home out on a regular basis, you will be much more likely to get that five star review if your customer doesn’t have to start their visit by airing out the house after it’s been left empty.

Ventilation for your bach makes heating cheaper in winter

If you use your holiday home in colder months, having good ventilation prevents a build-up of moisture inside the dwelling. Drier air means less chance of mould and mildew, and it also means more energy-efficient heating. So there will be no stale smell in the house and rooms will be easier to heat, which means you’ll probably use your bach or chalet more.

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Not all ventilation systems are created equal

Don’t be sucked into buying just any home ventilation system for your holiday home. Instead, focus on buying the smartest. At Hometech we offer a range of different ventilation systems that will cater specifically towards your Bach or home needs.  If you’re going to invest in ventilation for your bach, crib or mountain chalet, you’ll get a better result with an intelligent system. Talk to our experts and find which is the best ventilation system option for your home or bach.


Contact Hometech today on 0800 466 383 to discuss ways to keep your home cool and healthy this winter. We can give you advice on a range of ventilation systems to suit your needs.

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