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01 Oct 2024

Home Ventilation: Why Your Bathroom Needs To Breathe

As we move through winter and closer to spring, many Kiwi bathrooms will be showing the wear-and-tear of winter moisture damage. Much of our time in the bathroom is spent with the door closed and, without a proper ventilation system, the only place all your shower or bath steam can go is into your walls and ceiling. While it would take considerably poor ventilation to create serious moisture damage in a bathroom, this can occur naturally over time.

Below, we’ll talk about why it’s important for you bathroom to be adequately ventilated, and the benefits you’ll experience as a result.

Better ventilation means less maintenance

All that steam and moisture has to go somewhere, and although you’ll notice this clearly on your bathroom mirror, your walls and ceiling can also suffer. Moisture can quickly lead to mould, whether it’s in the colder and wetter months or the humid times of summer. By ensuring your bathroom is properly ventilated, you can not only save time wiping down your walls to remove excess moisture, but you’ll potentially save on future renovation costs.

While an extraction fan may be an initial investment, the health of your home will be the reward over time.

A well-ventilated area is much healthier

Mould appearing on your walls and ceiling isn’t just a sign of a poorly ventilated bathroom, it’s an indicator of poor air quality. Condensation on windows and mirrors, and moisture left stagnant in the air, can quickly lead to worsening health conditions in your home. The most dangerous type of mould – black mould – appears in damp areas left wet for long periods of time, and is often found in wall cavities during renovation. While it would take considerable moisture to lead to black mould growth in your wall space, ventilation can solve this issue before it arises.

A completely health home

In winter, it’s only natural that we shower for longer. Due to the cold weather outside, we also rarely shower with the window open, making homes without ventilation vulnerable to the spread of moisture. Although you might think the steam in your bathroom only affects the mirror and a few walls, any moisture in the air can quickly spread throughout the rest of the house. This can encourage mould growth in areas you perhaps neglect, so even if you’re vigilant with airing out your bathroom, the air quality of your home could still be at risk.

If you’d like to learn about home ventilation solutions to create a cleaner, healthier environment for your home, contact the team at Hometech today for a free consultation. We’re specialists in everything to do with creating healthy, Kiwi homes.