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06 Oct 2024

Solar Fan: Keeping your Home Cool this Summer

What is a Solar Fan? 

A Solar Fan is a solar-powered extraction fan that mounts directly onto the exterior of your roof. The Solar Fan pulls heat and moisture out of your attic that otherwise could cause damage and drive-up energy costs. 

As the name suggests, Solar Fans are powered 100% by the sun. Because the fan runs on solar power, it automatically runs without the need to manually turn it on or off. No electricians are required for installation and no batteries to replace in the future either. A cool attic means a cool house 

Hot summer days are known for heating up New Zealand homes and especially attics. Without anywhere for hot air to escape, your attic stays hot, and therefore so does your home. A Solar Fan extracts the hot air out of your attic, so it doesn’t contribute to heating up your home.  

Energy efficient

New Zealanders are becoming increasingly conscious of their energy consumption and environmental impact. The Solar Fan from Hometech aligns with these values by using the sun for power and reducing how often air conditioning is needed to keep your home cool.  

A Solar Fan is a piece of the puzzle for making your home as energy efficient as possible and reducing your impact on the environment. 

10-year leakproof guarantee 

At Hometech we pride ourselves in being the ventilation specialists. We are also through roof experts with over 30 years of experience supplying and installing roof mounted solutions. 

By using proprietary flashings that are built to fit the profile of your roof we can confidently offer our standard 10-year Leakproof Guarantee on all Solar Fan installations. Have peace of mind knowing our certified installers take care of you and your home with proper installation using high quality materials that will last you for years to come. 

Hometech’s Solar Fans are an innovative way to keep you and your home cool when the temperatures rise. With automatic operation, zero energy costs and easy installation backed by our 10-year Leakproof Guarantee, the decision is easy. 


Contact our ventilation specialists to learn more about which Solar Fan is the best solution for your needs.

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