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14 Mar 2024

Solar Powered Cool

Cool roof space with a Solar Fan for Attic and Garages      

We’ve had some very hot weather over the past two months and that trend is likely to continue for many months more. That’s great news for campers and beachgoers but not such great news for those of us who are attempting to be productive at work on little sleep.

Thankfully help is here in the form of the Solar Fan for Attic and Small Garage. Its solar powered fan continuously redirects hot air from the attic and away from the living space and bedrooms. Because the fan is solar powered it is environmentally friendly and costs nothing to operate. It also only operates during the day and stops automatically when the temperature returns to the more comfortable 18 deg C.

This makes a huge difference to the ventilation and cooling systems you have working in your living spaces as well as contributing to the overall healthy home environment.

Hot roof space equals a hot house

Hot attics provide a thermal layer akin to throwing a blanket over your home. When summer temperatures soar attics can become particularly hot. For example, recently we’ve even seen roof space temperatures of over 50 deg C. Cooling the house down would be a herculean task at that level of heat but that’s exactly what the Solar Fan for attic and garages does by removing the hot air around and out of the roof space.

This release of unhealthy moist air can help to protect the structural integrity of your home from the damaging effects of damp, mould, and insect or rodent infestation. It prevents leaks and structural decay of your roof, and it fights the weakening of internal structures caused by mould and fungus growth; all of which contributes to creating a healthy home environment.

Cool living

If attic heat is not displaced from the attic, it is pushed down into the living space of the home putting too much pressure on ventilation or air-conditioning systems. Yet because the fan is solar powered it works only when it is needed.

Once the sun goes down, and the outside temperature cools down to 18 deg C then the attic fan stops. This means that in winter your home is kept warm and toasty and in summer, it is cool and comfortable.

Attic fans have been popular in Australia and overseas for many years but increasingly New Zealanders are discovering the benefits of maintaining a healthy home environment by installing the Solar Fan for attic and garages.

Great for every roof

The Solar Fan for attic and garages is available with flashing to suit all roof types. Designed for smaller spaces it is at home in a townhouse roof as in a large residential roof. What matters is not the footprint of the unit but the size of the fan itself. It’s here that Xtract compares favourably with other models on the market. The Xtract fan is 50cm in diameter and generates between 3-7 times the airflow of competitor units. 

Installation is quick with no need for wiring, assembly, and no mess! We have a nationwide network of installers who can assess your specific situation and install for you. Call us on 0800 466 383 to talk to one of our experts.